Rainforest Jewelry

Join us for a stroll in the tropical rainforest with this collection of jewelry. This collection is ispired by Marty's real-life animal encounters in rainforests and jungles around the world. Furred, feathered, and scaled, these critters bring the spirit of the rainforest home.

Marty has hiked and canoed in the rainforests and jungles of Equador, Costa Rica, Indoneisa and Australia. In Costa Rica she stayed at the Casa Marbella where she enjoyed foyers at dawn upon the river.  In Ecuador she stayed at the remarkable Kapawi Jungle Lodge where she swam in the rivers along side of piranha and pink river dolphins. On a later trip to Ecuador she stayed at the magical La Selva Jungle Lodge, hiking the jungle trails, and canoeing the tributaries of the Amazon. 

To learn more about Marty’s adventures abroad, make sure to check out her Travel Blog!