Luminiferous Opal Dragon Pendant - 18K gold

Luminiferous Opal Dragon Pendant

Luminiferous Dragon soars into our one of a kind collection clutching a 10.5 carat Mexican fire opal. The stunning opal has been expertly sculpted to expose maximum play of color. Lavender, green and orange radiate from within. This precious opal is 6/8" long x 5/8" across. (19mm x 15mm) Luminiferous Dragon is lost wax cast in 18K gold. Luminiferous Dragon is detailed and three dimensional. A 4mm x 6mm pink sapphire and a 4mm x 6 Mexican Fire opal are set in the curves of the dragon's tail. It may be my most stunning one of a kind dragon yet. It's overall dimensions are 2-3/8" high and 1-1/2" across.

It takes a village to bring a design like this to fruition. First Alisha and I must hand pick the opal at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show. Next, I must have a vision and sculpt a wax to protect and showcase the stone. I choose any accent gemstones and work them into my design. Next the completed wax is shipped to our casters and I hold my breath that the wax arrives in one piece and that the 18K gold casting is flawless. The unfinished piece is returned to me and I polish and detail the casting. Finally, I pass the opal, dragon and accent stones to Dave who must solder bezels in place and manage to secure the opal without cracking the stone. I think his part in the process may be the most stressful. 

All Marty Magic Jewelry is packaged in a beautiful box, embossed with the gold foil Marty Magic dragon logo. Perfect for any occasion!

Designed in Santa Cruz California by Marty Magic. 

Made in the U.S.A.