Good Luck Gecko Ear Wrap - Bronze

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Good Luck Gecko Ear Wrap - Bronze

This bronze Good Luck Gecko Ear Wrap perches playfully atop the ear with it's tail flowing down along the curvature of the ear.  It wears a mischievous smile and is configured for the left ear only.

Did you know that Geckos live on all continents except Antarctica? Most are nocturnal and they chirp and bark to communicate. They do not have eyelids but they lick their eyeballs to keep them clean and moist. If attacked by a predator, the gecko will detach it's tail as a decoy and will regenerate it. In many cultures, seeing a gecko is considered good luck. 

Our ear wraps require no piercings. The ear wraps have a sturdy wire that wraps behind the ear similar to a "Blue Tooth" headset. 

Our bronze ear cuffs are antiqued lightly, and bronze will tarnish, or patina over time. To maintain the golden color, clean with Mrs. Wright’s Silver Cream and rinse with water. Do not dip in liquid anti tarnish cleaners.

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All Marty Magic Jewelry is packaged in a beautiful purple box, embossed with the gold foil Marty Magic dragon logo. Perfect for any occasion.

*This is the genuine Good Luck Gecko Ear Wrap, designed by Marty Magic in Santa Cruz, California and made in the U.S.A.