Gabrielle - Les Petite Bon-Hommes en Porcelaine

Gabrielle - Les Petite Bon-Hommes en Porcelaine

This one of a kind, porcelain pendant is sculpted and hand painted by Marie-Christine of Loudon, France. Gabrielle is 2 inches tall and painted with a abstract design.

The pendant hangs from a flexible but sturdy 24" cord. 

It is with great pleasure that we present to you this miniature work of art.

Warning: Each piece has it's own personality and collecting these can be habit forming. 

This item usually ships the same or next business day.

Marty Magic is the exclusive U.S.A. representative of Les Petits Bons-Hommes en Porcelaine.

Designed in Loudon, France, by Marie Christine Chartier 

Made in France

Hand Painted Porcelain