Les Petits Bons-Hommes en Porcelaine

These charming, one of a kind porcelain pendants and earrings are hand crafted and painted by Marie-Christine Chartier of Loudon, France. I discovered her work (and the work of her husband, Patrice) over 30 years ago at a small left bank gallery in Paris. After some sleuthing, I connected with Marie and in 1998 I began selling their porcelain pendants in my Santa Cruz Gallery and subsequently at a few California Art and Wine Festivals. 

Marie and Patrice worked together to create these remarkable one of a kind figurines. I imagine their creation process as a duet; Patrice sculpting and Marie painitng the minute detail onto the miniature porcelain forms. Unfortunately, Patrice passed away in 2003 and Marie ceased making their porcelain jewelry. 

It is now 2014, ten years later and Marie is remarried and renewed. She is again creating these remarkable miniature porcelain pendants and earrings. It is with great pleasure that we present to you her miniature works of art; Les Petits Bons-Hommes en Porcelaine.

Enjoy!  Marie-Christine and Marty

*Over the years, Marie and I have become friends and have visited each other both in France and in the U.S.A; most recently to attend her wedding to Laurent in the summer of 2013.