Wyvern Dragon Barrette - Bronze

Wyvern Dragon Barrette - Bronze w/ White Moonstone Sphere

This sensuous Wyvern Dragon Barrette is a reincarnation of my vintage Wyvern Dragon Barrette that I created in the late 1970's, This reworked Wyvern design is 3.25" across and 2.25" high. The Wyvern is ornately detailed down to it's ribbed wings, frills and scales.  A 4 3/4" claw tipped hair stick slides through the curvaceous body of the dragon. Both the barrette and the hair stick are cast in solid bronze. The claw end of the hair stick holds an 8mm semi-precious gemstone sphere. (Sphere options in drop down menu.) 

The classification of a Wyvern varies, but they are more serpent like, usually with two front feet. This is my rendition; sinuous and sensuous and without feet but with a claw tipped hair stick that grasps an 8mm semi-precious gemstone orb. The barrette will hold a moderate amount of hair.

*There are three loops on the back side of the piece, through which you can weave a chain, giving you the option to also wear this striking dragon as a pendant. 

All Marty Magic Jewelry is packaged in a beautiful box, embossed with the gold foil Marty Magic dragon logo. Perfect for any occasion.

Designed in Santa Cruz, California by Marty Magic. 

Made in the U.S.A.