Phantom Angler Fish Skeleton Earrings - Silver

Phantom Angler Fish Earrings - Silver

Ascending from the abyss are these Phantom Angler Fish Skeleton Earrings. These intricate and ghostly earrings are wickedly detailed down to their minute bony teeth and angled lures. For added intrigue, there are options to add a tiny fish suspended inside the caged skeleton of the larger Phantom Fish. They are cast in sterling silver, 1.75” long and completely three dimensional.

Alisha's Phantom Fish earrings may apparitions but were they real, they would inhabit the mesopelagic deep sea twilight zone, (200 meters to 1000 meters.) They would use bioluminescence to attract prey.  

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Designed in Santa Cruz, California by Marty Magic. 

Made in the U.S.A.