Peace Love Sign Ear Cuff Bajoran - Silver

Peace Symbol Ear Cuff Bajoran - Silver

This two part Peace Symbol Ear Cuff Bajoran is relevant to our time. A traditional Peace Symbol is cut out in the ear cuff chevron and a three dimensional Peace Hand Sign charm is connected by a chain and worn as an earring. This ear cuff may be worn on either ear. May Peace Prevail!

* Customers are asking 'What is a Bajoran Ear Cuff?' In the early 1980's I sold ear wrap designs to Paramount Studio that the Star Trek cast wore on episodes of the Next Generation, Angel One. About this time, on other Star Trek episodes many characters began wearing Bajoran Ear Cuff/earrings. A Bajoran Ear Cuff is basically an ear cuff attached by a chain to an earring. 

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