other celeb stories

I remember growing up to the music of Joan Baez, Harry Belafonte, the Kingston Trio and Peter Paul and Mary. I didn't expect that one day, Joan Baez would stroll by my booth at a Menlo Park sidewalk art show and buy the Cow Jumping Over the Moon, Cat and Fiddle and Dish and Spoon Earrings. She liked my story book charms best and another year she bought more. It was Scott, my ex husband who sold these to her. I regret that I was not at that fair. Although I have seen her in concert several times, I would have loved to have met her personally.

 In December of 2008 I received a call from an account of mine that carries a smattering of my designs on their web site. The owner had just been contacted by Tim Burton, wanting to purchase my complete Alice in Wonderland Charm collection for his partner, Helena Bonham Carter. I'm not up on pop culture, but I did know who Tim Burton was. I  was told that he was producing a new film, Alice in Wonderland and that his wife, Helena Bonham Carter would star as Alice. (This turned out to be wrong. She played the Red Queen) Johnny Depp played the Mad Hatter.

I received a call in early 2011 from a costume consultant in Los Angeles for a movie that will be filmed starring Barbra Streisand and Seth Rogen. They were interested in all of my Frog Jewelry designs and for several weeks, my frogs were “hopping” back and forth between Santa Cruz and L.A. They ultimately choose my Tree Frog Pendant as the “Hero” piece that Barbra will wear throughout the movie, My Mother’s Curse.