Moldavite Scepter Dragon - Silver

Moldavite Scepter Dragon Pendant

One of a kind Moldavite Scepter Dragon clutches a 30.5ct Moldavite specimen and is lost wax cast in sterling silver. The dragon's claws securely grip the crevices of the mineraloid and the tail wraps below to secure its treasure. The overall dimensions of the pendant are 61mm diagonal (2-1/2") with a 51mm (2") wingspan.  A heavy wheat chain is soldered to the wing tips. The overall length of the chain is 20". 

Moldavite is a a greenish mineraloid (not a crystal.) They are formed by the impact of an asteroid impacting earth at a high enough velocity to melt into a glass like solid. Most Moldavites are found in Check Republic. 

All Marty Magic Jewelry is packaged in a beautiful box embossed with the gold foil Marty Magic dragon logo.

Designed in Santa Cruz, California by Marty Magic. 

Made in the U.S.A.