Jackson Chameleon - 14K Gold

Jackson Chameleon - 14K Gold

The Jackson Chameleon Charm Pendant wears it's three horns proudly. It rests on a branch, it's prehensile tail gracefully curved. The charm is cast in 14K gold and is 1 3/8" diagonally.  It is intricately detailed and completely three dimensional.

Some Chameleon Facts: There are over 180 species of Chameleons, over half of them living in Madagascar but they also occur in Africa, Southern Europe and Southern Asia. Their habitats range from rain forest to desert conditions. Most species can change colors and their eyes pivot independently giving them a 360 degree view of their surroundings. They have ballistically projecting tongues and dine predominantly on a variety of insects, but some larger species prey on small lizards and birds. 

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