Gemstone Treasure Back Sea Turtle Pendant - Silver

Sea Turtle Option C - Set with Larimar

New Treasure Back Sea Turtles have recently hatched! All of the gemstones are fitting and elegant attire for the most discerning sea turtle. All turtles are cast in sterling silver and are carefully detailed both front and back with defined belly plates. They "swim" diagonally from a chain and are approximately 1-1/8" long and 1" across at their front flippers (29 x  25 mm). 

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Moonstone - A pearly white to bluish mineral often displaying a chatoyant and cat's eye luster. Mined worldwide but predominately in Sir Lanka and India. The finest specimens are from Myanmar. 

LarimarThe colors of this silicate mineral range from pale blues to greens. Found only in the Dominican Republic. 

PetersiteThe chatoyant luster of Pietersite is a result of the reflected light on the mineral fibers. Mined in Namibia.

Lapis -An opaque indigo blue mineral often with gold specks. It has been highly prized throughout history and culture. The major cave deposits are in Afghanistan.

Korite Boulder Opal - An Australian Opal within a sandstone matrix. Each specimen has unique veining and opalescence. Mined in Korite, Australia. 

Australian Boulder Opal - An Australian Opal with an ironstone matrix.  Each specimen has unique veining and opalescence. Mined in Australia.

Mexican Matrix Opal - Cut from the rock matrix with windows of opalescence making each stone unique. Mined in Mexico.

Turquoise - An opaque blue to green mineral, highly prized throughout history and culture. The color and quality depends on the stones origin and treatment. 

Dioptase - An emerald green to blue green copper silicate mineral. Found in desert regions, predominantly, Namibia, Kazakhstan and the American southwest. 


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Designed in Tomball, Texas by Alisha McCormack.

Made in the U.S.A.