Eye of Protection Hamsa Hand Charm - Silver

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Eye of Protection Hamsa Hand Charm - Silver

Pre-orders accepted for delivery in mid to late February.

May this Hamsa Hand Pendant bring you divine protection. It is a amulet of blessings, power and strength. May the eye see everything, deflect evil and bring you good fortune.

The all seeing eye and intricate paisley and geometric patters are etched into the surface of the pendant. A three dimensional lotus unfolds on the back. There is a Georgia O'Keeffe influence in my sensual version of this lotus. The lotus is a symbol of divine beauty, it's unfolding petals suggesting the expansion of the soul. 

This detailed carving is pictured in green wax but will be cast in sterling silver and be available by mid February. It is 1 1/8" high and 1" across. 

It’s symbolism has meaning to all cultures and faiths. We are all connected.

In Islam, the Hand of Fatima symolizes the Five Pillars of Islam: Faith, Prayer, Pilgrimage, Fasting and Charity.

In Christianity and Judaism the Hamsa symbolizes the five books of the Torah: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.

For Hindus and Buddhists, it symbolizes the interplay of the chakras, the energy flow in the body and the five senses.

Thumb- Fire element, solar plexus chakra.
Forefinger- Air element, the heart chakra.
Middle Finger- Ethereal elements, throat chakra.
Ring Finger- Earth element, root chakra.
Pinkie Finger- Water element, sacral chakra.