Coiled Cobra Charm - 14k Gold

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Coiled Cobra Charm - 14k Gold

Is this Cobra Charm swaying to music of the punji (a flute like instrument) or coiled and ready to strike?  This detailed Cobra is 3/4" high, completely three dimensional and cast in solid 14k gold.

The Cobra is a powerful totem in all religions and cultures. In ancient Egypt the Cobra was a symbol of power, guardianship and royalty. In Hinduism and Buddhism, the Cobra, snake or Naga is a godlike creature with transcendental powers and in Mayan and Aztec cultures it symbolizes fertility and eternity. Even in Christianity, the snake has powerful symbolism that is not limited to the stereotypical ideology that the snake is evil. The rich symbolism of the Cobra is complex and multicultural.

There are numerous species of Cobra's but the majority inhabit the rain forests of India, Southeast Asia and Southern China. There are desert cobras and water cobras and arboreal cobras. 

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