Hobbs, the Fire Agate Tortoise_SOLD

18k gold and fire agate turtle

Any tortoise or turtle would envy wearing this 18K Gold, Fire Agate Shell. This one of a kind Tortoise/Turtle, pendant, cast in 18K yellow gold, is set with an 11 carate carved Arizona Fire Agate. Irridescent colors of vibrant greens and golden browns emminate from the beautifully carved fire agate, framed in rich 18K Gold. The pendant is 1 3/8" long and carefully detailed both front and back.  I was inspired to name this piece "Hobbs" after a visit with good friends living in the California desert. Their pet tortoise, Hobbs, won my heart eating rose petals from my hand and followed me around their back yard. Hobbs was captive bread and is licenced by the state of California.